Our Story

8 August 2012 Written by


How we met…

We met a couple of years ago (ok we met 10+ years ago) at a Beacon Explorers Scout night in August 2000. Mark remembers the first look at that first meeting (although he seems to think it was in September) although Steph actually remembers only seeing Mark for the first time at Queen Charlottes Wood 2 weeks later! However after that meeting Steph was smitten and it decided it was her turn to swallow a brave pill and do the asking. It wasn’t until January 2001 that they finally got together and the rest, as they say, is history….!


The proposal…

Ha, well, umm now this is a story. After being together 10 years and having been to beautiful places likeTurkey,Veniceand famously getting stuck inSingaporefor nearly a month. Steph had truly come to the conclusion that it was never going to happen. So when Mark offered to organise a holiday toScotlandshe thought nothing of it (in fact the biggest question was “Scotland?? Really??”). So in April 2011 they got in the car and bumbled up the M6 (with Steph muttering ‘maybe we’re going toManchesterairport….no…..where’s the next airport??’). Mark’s line since has been “If you want to lie to Steph, tell her the truth”!!!

So Mark then had to find a time and a place to pop the question, which is difficult when Steph manages to thwart every plan (which was done completely un-wittingly!!!). Finally the last night of the holiday arrives and Mark suggested we walk down to the bottom end of Loch Ard. This request was meet with “really? but it’s cold” but Mark finally managed to persuade Steph down to the bottom end of the Loch and finally manages to mutter the  magic words “Will you marry me?”. Poor Mark however had knocked Steph sideways with this question so rather than an elegant ‘Yes, of course’ he was meet with a “What??? Really!!! Are you Serious!!!???” After much crying and jumping around and a large glass of champagne back at the hotel he did…..of course…. (a couple of hours later!)…. get a very grateful YES!!




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